Daygen Mühendislik first entered, as ER-FA ASANSÖR, into the industry in 2005 to provide assembly, maintenance and service. In 2013, it, under the name of DAYGEN MÜHENDİSLİK, started operations, in line with demand from customers, by constructing elevator cages, elevator doors, power-operated doors and other elevator equipment as well as providing certification and registration services. Proceeding to the next step thereafter, the company entered into the process of institutionalization in 2016.

Now, we, through the brands of Erfa Asansör and Daygen Mühendislik, which are operated by four brothers, strive for offering better and more quality services to you our customers at our own manufacturing plant in the light of technological data from the perspective of new investments and with material quality, machine park and management organization adopted as a part of our quality policy.

Strengthening our position in the field of producing and selling elevators in Turkey, we are making great efforts to make our brand a popular and reliable elevator brand around the world. For our customers, we, as DAYGEN MÜHENDİSLİK, design high quality, certified products fully meeting safety and quality requirements of the internationally-accepted quality standards.

Premium Quality and Unique Designs

Products of DAYGEN MÜHENDİSLİK are produced with quality, uniqueness, safety and robustness. It is the company’s manner of design to create ergonomic products reflecting innovative adaptability onto the varying choices and lifestyles of customers.

To achieve the goal of maximized quality, we locally pioneer many developments keeping up with the global developments through our R&D department